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Board: The Classic

Type: Longboard

Brand: Custard Point Surfboards

Dimensions: 7'0" x 22 1/2" x 3"

Volume: 61 Liters

Rider Ability: Beginner / Allround / Nose Rider Longboarder

Flotation: High to Medium

Colour Way: Spray; Turquoise and Light Turquoise & White Center with Blk Pin line

Fins Setup: 2 + 1 Fcs1 sides and box center

Cloth: 6oz underside, tail patch, 6+4 Deck

Finish: Matte

Board Info: For full details of model click here

7'0" 'The Magic Stick Mid-legnth

  • The Custard Point Classic is our best selling medium volume longboard and is great longboard for all wave types and conditions.


    It was first shaped by Tim Mellors in the late eighties and has stood the test of time with little enhancements needed. The board borrows its curves from the traditional Malibu pintails of the 60's and combines them with more modern performance enhancing features. The parabolic nose channel (also found in the Ultimate Nose Rider) allows it to nose ride extremely well, but the boards sleeker profile and the high performance rails makes this board very lively and effortless to turn.


    We run The Classic in three sizes 8'6, 9'1 and 9'6... Although custom options are available. For full details of model click here.

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