Welcome to our Beginners page. We at Custard Point pride ourselves on helping people to find exactly the right board and to help them to be successful in their pursuit of surfing. After all it is all about having fun no matter what your experience level. However, with all the information out there on the internet and all the different types and shapes of boards it can seem a little daunting at first. So here we endeavor to help you make that first surfboard purchase a lot easier.


We do run a surf school and many of the shop staff themselves were or currently are surf instructors. So we are all very familiar with what you guys need to help you get started or just even to improve quicker. We are always happy to explain how boards work and the best route for yourself. And we want to stop people buying boards that are far too short for them and getting frustrated, which seems to be the most common mistake people make on their first purchase.

We dont just help newbies, if you haven't quite reached intermediate level yet or feel stuck with your current board we can also help you fix the issues. We see it as a journey! Hopefully you will allow us to help you find the right first board and in doing so you will let us help you make the next purchase in your drop down board.

For advice or to ask us a questions please email or call!!  We want to help you catch those waves... 07535813321