Board: The UNR

Type: Longboard

Brand: Custard Point Surfboards

Dimensions: 9'1" x 23 1/2" x 3"

Volume: 75.5 Liters

Rider Ability: Beginner / Beginner Nose Rider / Allround

Flotation: High Volume

Colour Way: Resin tint; Red / White with Black pin line; Gloss & Polish

Fins Setup: 2 + 1 Fcs1 sides and box center

Cloth: 6oz underside, tail patch, 6+6 Deck

Finish: Gloss and polish

Board Info: For full details of model click here

9'1" 'The UNR' Longboard

  • The Custard Point Ultimate Noserider is our best selling surfboard. Over the years it has undergone a long refinement process, resulting in this gem of a longboard that we see today.


    The initial design brief was to create a small wave noserider for the competitive arena, that would  aid the surfer to get to the set waves first, have early effortless take-off and maintain speed whilst still able to pull gouging cut-backs, top turns and of course, a super stable noserider.


    We run The UNR in many sizes 8'0, 8'6, 9'1, 9'4, 9'8 and 10'... Although custom options are available. For full details of model click here.