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Custard Point was in the thick of the Fish revival in the late nighties and early on in the new millennium. Tim himself had enjoyed riding a fish as a youngster and has shaped many over the years. It was when working with Lee Norris (Slide & Glide Surfboards), basically a fish addict!! that they put there experience and fishy knowledge together and created our legendary Retro Fish.

The fish was created when Steve Lis a Californian Knee Boarder, noticed that his fins would drag off the sides of his board.

“He decided to split the tail, giving him the width needed to support his fins, while still holding on to the performance characteristics of a pintail,” Adam Fischer The Fish Documentary.

This fish proved to be a great board, able to paddle in early into waves, take steep drops, hold high and well in the speed area of the wave and turned real easily too. It wasn’t long before he was asked to make stand up surfboard versions and as he refined the design to suit surfers, the fish design was born.


Our custard point fish have been very popular over the years. Especially with the longboarding folk. These fun boards just catch the waves so easily. And as far as I am concerned the fish is the nearest thing to a "Cheat" in the surfing world. What other board allows you to catch waves so easily, ride a board smaller than you probably should, all whilst holding in the wave and allowing you to hit the lip!! Fantastic!!!

The Retro Fish is our No1 drop down board from a mini mal. Tried and tested over the years, a great way to get used to shorter boards whilst still enjoying a high wave count. We have even had people learn to surf starting on the 7'2 and 7'4 Retro Fish.

Custom 6'4 Fishster resin tint

Lee A Norris: Experimentations


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